About Us

Our team

This project is a private initiative of European Union based entrepreneurs. We have a team of research professionals with experience in the field from Lithuania, Poland, and Switzerland.

Our team is involved in a research project on a novel cellulosic film production. We have recently developed a new technology called EcoBiofilm that provides many advantages to the packaging industry. New concept and “green” approach for dissolution of cellulose have been proposed as a quite real alternative to the viscose process. According to novel process, the aqueous solutions of orthophosphoric acid can be used as the efficient cellulose solvents. It provides the process with several sustainable competitive advantages, including lower production costs, closed-cycle eco-friendly process, and superior physical-chemical properties of cellulosic films. Novel technology can move packaging industry towards sustainable development and promote eco-efficiency, innovation, new methods and tools for plastic free film for packaging.

Our team has already completed lab level research (TRL 1-3). One of our key challenges is to enable a smooth transition from the lab to manufacturing. With all of the planning and designing complete, the project team will start with a pilot line.

Relevant resources will be budgeted aimed to speed up the implementation of the project titled «Development of innovative EcoBioFilm technology for producing regenerated cellulose film for environmentally friendly packaging materials for various purposes» within the framework of program launched by EU in Lithuania. Lithuania is becoming a more attractive destination for investments. Some of the benefits include lower taxes, attractive investment climate, government support, logistic advantages – proximity of the shipping port.

Opportunity to be involved in the project

We are expanding the team and looking for co-investors, industry supporters, or anyone who could contribute to the commercialization of the project.